Caring of a Horse

Yes!  It is true.  Horses need a trim, too!

Just like us and any other animals we care for, they need to be taken cared of.  When you ride on them, you are just going to feel different, and it’s going to be a good feeling.

Natural trimming has gained more and more believers from vets, top trainers and clinicians, farriers, horse owners world wide. Barefoot horses are competing in every event you can think of and the number is growing. Horses that are lucky enough to be given the physiologically correct hooves they need and deserve will have a long lifetime of soundness to show for it.

Why do horse owners need to learn more about their horses hooves? Isn’t that what your farrier is for? Consider that a leading cause of death in horses is laminitis, second only to colic…and lameness is the leading health issue equine vets deal with…and it is estimated close to 90% of lameness is hoof related…it stands to reason, whether you shoe or not, the more you learn about the equine hoof the better off your horse will be!

My Articles & Links page is a good place to start learning more! The more educated you are on this subject the more successful and happy your horse (and you!) will be!

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