The Dos And Don’ts For Your First Horse Riding Tour

Horse riding tours are great because they allow you to enjoy nature in a way that you would not be able to normally. If you are considering going on your first horse riding tour, there are some things that you need to know. These dos and don’ts will ensure that you have an enjoyable time during the tour.

Do Take Some Lessons First

Before you head off on your first horse riding tour, you need to take some horse riding lessons first. These lessons will ensure that you are comfortable in the saddle and that you know how to handle a horse. It is important to note that a dozen riding lessons will not adequately prepare you for long trail rides, but will be enough to get you through a day trip.

When looking at horse riding classes, you can take group classes or private lessons. Private lessons will cost more, but you are going to get more out of them. It is important that you tell the instructor that you are going on a horse riding tour and find out what skills you should be focusing on.

Do Not Reach Above Your Riding Level

When you book a horse riding tour, you will generally be asked about your horse riding abilities. It is vital that you not overstate your abilities because this question is there for a reason. If you have only just started taking lessons and only just become used to the rising trot, you should not take an intermediate tour that requires your horse to canter around.

When you take a tour that is above your riding level, you will not have a good time because you will be too focused on staying on the horse. Additionally, you will be short-changing the other people on the tour because they will have to continually wait for you to catch up. So, it is important that you always book a tour that matches your riding skills.

Always Wear A Helmet

When you ride a horse, you should always wear a helmet, and this is very important when you are going on a riding tour. Before you set off, you will generally be able to choose a helmet to wear. You need to ensure that the helmet fits snugly on your head and that the strap is always buckled under your chin.

You might see some of the other ridings wearing a cowboy hat or nothing to protect their heads, but this is an unnecessary risk that you should not be taking. When taking a tour, you are going to be in the wilderness and this means that if you fall you have the chance of hitting your head against rocks or trees. If you do not wear your helmet, this could cause serious injuries.

Do Not Get Complacent

Once you have completed a few days of riding on the tour, you will feel relaxed, and this can lead to complacency. This is something that you should avoid because you will often let the reins slide or have your feet too deep in the stirrups. You will also find yourself slouching in the saddle which can lead to severe back pain.

It is important that you regularly check yourself and ensure that you are not doing something wrong just because other people are. When you are complacent, you will become uncomfortable and this will lead to you not wanting to go on another horse riding tour. If you are unsure about anything, you should ask the other riders or your tour guide to be sure.

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Different Type of Horse Saddles

Horse saddles are the seat that has been specially designed to be placed on the back of the horse as it offers the right amount of control, security and support to the riders. It also helps in improving the balance of the riders along enhancing the movements of the horse. There are different types of horse saddles that can be placed on the horseback and it can be selected by body type of the riders so that it perfectly suits their size and shape. Therefore if you are interested in horse riding, then it is important to know the different types of horse saddles along with uses of each so that you can select the one that is suitable for you as well as your horse.

We are covering the general topic for the different types of saddles, not so much from the angle of men’s horse saddle vs. women’s horse saddle.  Here is a good article to give a quick idea on the topic:, and personally I find this company (Barnes Tack Room) tends to make one of the best women’s horse saddle.  Most other companies that has saddles for women tend to end with ergonomics of the saddle for women (which is very important and we are not downplaying that).  However, we found that they were still very heavy most of the time.  The company mentioned uses light but still very strong leather and they stretch it out, so that for the same surface, it is much lighter than many other options you can find, which makes it even better for most women riders.  Anyway, let’s get back to the topic of the day.

The different type of horse saddles includes:  (Keep in mind some would categorize differently, wiki for example categorize like this link: modern equestrian saddle)

Eventing saddle
It is also known as all-purpose saddle which is the most popular saddle that is preferred by the majority of the riders as it offers deep seating comfort and accommodation. It assists riders during flatwork and is padded under the leg section. It also helps the rider when the horse jumps as it offers extra grip to the horse while assisting in providing a smooth ride. It provides crossover design of English dressage saddle and English jumping saddle for making it the best general saddle for horse riding.

Dressage saddle
If you are looking for a saddle that can be used in the flat then dressage saddle is the best option for you as it will aid you throughout your flatwork. It is also very beneficial during flat work competitions, as it also helps in enhancing upright torso dressage and traditional straight legged position. You can also use this saddle for a higher seating position, but the under panels are minimally padded so that you can feel your horse closer to yourself. These saddles are also made from thin and lightweight materials so for more precision moves and close leg contact. It also provides better balance to the rider as comes in a U-shaped curve with deeper seats for a more enjoyable ride.

The endurance saddle
If you are looking for a saddle that can be used for your long distance rides, then you should opt for the endurance saddle that is known to offering the best comfort to the horse and the rider. The saddle seat is either quilted or padded which makes it more comfortable and itis lightweight which makes it perfect for long journeys. There is also an option for adding extra luggage and necessity with the D-rings that comes with the saddle. The seats are also wider as it facilitates comfortable and enjoyable ride for long distance places as it offers excellent support and comfort.

Western saddle
It is also known as English show saddle that shows the horse’s conformation and it is generally used by cowboys as it is made with western designs and intricate detailing that makes it perfect for everyday use. It has flatter seats that can be used by men, women and children alike as it can suit the position of the rider. It can also be used on the ranches as it is generally made with brown leather, and it is comfortable even for long hours riding even without getting tired.

Racing saddle
The best saddle for horse riding, the racing saddle is specially designed for racing as it is lightweight and helps in making the rider comfortable during the ride. It has a flat and long seat for the rider for an enhanced racing experience as it can contribute to the win of the rider.

Polo saddle
For individuals who love playing polo, this saddle is the perfect option for them as it allows them with a higher level of freedom, motion, and comfort during the game. It comes with longer leg position for offering ease of play and comfort during the game. But it does not have thicker padding as compared to the other kinds of saddles but it is very useful for riders who wish to play polo. It also offers the right movement and feel on the horseback for a truly enriching experience.

Here is a nice page that has a simplified bullet point list of different type of saddles.

Collection of saddle types in picturesWomen’s saddle company Facebook.

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Caring of a Horse

Yes!  It is true.  Horses need a trim, too!

Just like us and any other animals we care for, they need to be taken cared of.  When you ride on them, you are just going to feel different, and it’s going to be a good feeling.

Natural trimming has gained more and more believers from vets, top trainers and clinicians, farriers, horse owners world wide. Barefoot horses are competing in every event you can think of and the number is growing. Horses that are lucky enough to be given the physiologically correct hooves they need and deserve will have a long lifetime of soundness to show for it.

Why do horse owners need to learn more about their horses hooves? Isn’t that what your farrier is for? Consider that a leading cause of death in horses is laminitis, second only to colic…and lameness is the leading health issue equine vets deal with…and it is estimated close to 90% of lameness is hoof related…it stands to reason, whether you shoe or not, the more you learn about the equine hoof the better off your horse will be!

My Articles & Links page is a good place to start learning more! The more educated you are on this subject the more successful and happy your horse (and you!) will be!

Thanks for visiting my site!


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